Partnering with creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders in high volume, fast paced services so that they can use their words powerfully, shape their lives joyfully and make meaningful impact.
Be free to be you.

The go to coach for WOMEN IN LeadersHIP who are..

Ready to express themselves powerfully in their own words

Yearning to lead for a better world for themselves, their family and community

Ready to stop performing for others

Called to write more meaning and joy into their story

Ready to transform their vision into reality

My coaching ethos

“We are all fully functioning adults and capable of finding our own solutions, given the right environment and conditions.”

Hi, I’m Nina…

I am a British Indian living in London.

My core values are love and freedom.

My mission is to facilitate the expansion and liberation of individuals and organisations for peaceful, sustainable and positive  social impact, potent collaboration and generative desired change.

My clients have made career changes, learnt new skills with less trepidation, made lifestyle changes to improve wellbeing, resolved internal conflict and made career moves that seemed impossible.

I am committed to developing my self-awareness, experience and knowledge so that I can coach in the best interests of my clients.

Learn more about me…

I am inspired by…

Conga/djembe drumming…

Writing – poetry, journaling, stories…


Weight lifting and boxing…

Travelling and exploring cultures…

Connecting with others…

Your Coaching Journey

1 month


2 x 90-minute session

Two sessions where we will get clarity on where you are and where we can get to together.

2 months


4 x 90-minute sessions

Through a series of sessions, you will experience shifts in perspective that open your eyes to opportunities previously limited by your beliefs.

4 months


8 x 90-minute sessions  + 1 extra 90- minute session

A deep and transformative journey that will refocus your self-awareness and transform conflict into harmony in a way that is unique to you.


“Nina came into my life when I most needed it. As if it was meant to be. I was in a bit of a rut, with work, with myself (self-esteem), what I wanted in the future and I didn’t really know who I was as a person. Through these sessions with Nina, she coached me into understanding my ‘why’ behind all these actions. Why did I feel like this? Why did I want to change it? And as a result, we came up with some practical actions to take away that I could work on to help begin to navigate my way through these big questions. Nina was a great balance of support and challenge, and each session seemed tailored to me. I’d really recommend her! “

Meg Dibb-Fuller

Digital Product Manager


“Coaching with Nina has helped me think about my role at work, specifically where my strengths lie and how I can use them best. Nina is wonderful at listening and working out where the knots of the problems lie and asking questions which help you gradually unpick them.  Each week I came away feeling reinvigorated having seen things from a different perspective and been able to make shifts in my thinking or remove barriers which were in my way. I would recommend coaching sessions with Nina to everyone. “

Katie Clark

Teaching and Learning Leader/Charity Worker


“I received several months coaching from Nina, we explored a diverse number of different outcomes that I was looking to achieve. I would say that I am quite hard to coach as a neuro diverse person but Nina is a great listener was able to take all of what was in my answers and carefully ask questions that drew out insights from me and helped me to move forward.”



“I was referred to Nina by a friend and my experience of working with Nina has been absolutely fantastic. She helped me navigate through my chaotic thought process in order to help me define specific goals for both my personal and career journey. We worked on communication skills, prioritisation, influencing skills, authentic leadership and so much more. She truly helps you transform from within by drawing out personal barriers, thought processes, different perspectives to achieving your goals. She is an excellent coach who knows the right questions to ask and when to provide with an effective constructive challenge. I would highly recommend working with her as I am confident that she will bring about a positive change to your journey, as she certainly did to mine. Thank you Nina, I appreciate all you have done for me and more.”

Ansa Javed

Senior Vice President, HR