About Me…

British Indian, spiritual, truth seeker, deep thinking and thoughtlessly adventurous, free spirit and pragmatic, fascinated by human connection and introverted, bodybuilder, poet, pharmacist, business owner, life coach and space-holder, curious globe trotter and real homebody…

rrI was hard working at school and university, a ‘doer’ and ‘high-achiever’ whilst pushing boundaries and skirting around the edges of ‘this life’ or ‘that life’. Whichever suited my purposes at the time. I am a founding member of a successfully run family business and the founder of my own coaching business.  Yeah that’s all great, but what about this…yearning?

I know how it feels to yearn for ‘more’. The frustration of hitting a dead end, where the same ‘performing’ just doesn’t feel like enough, and the desire to make a change that seems insurmountable.

I have grappled with my own self-destructive and indulgent behaviour. I have had to confront my guilt, fear, shame and pain, all in their felt sense. I have had to understand and build and feel self-worth, learn to trust my intuition, find and use my own words and allow myself to be vulnerable. I have had to learn new skills and enter new worlds, to reconnect with my playfulness, reclaim my creativity and understand my potential.

My expansion has brought me to the launch of my own coaching business that is built on a foundation of my values and purpose.

The values and purpose of Nina Pattani Coaching

I value travel, connection, love, writing, and education and am passionate about holding space for others to explore their beliefs and values and their felt experience of these in order achieve their own goals. I believe everyone is fully capable of transformation through the practice of mind and body integration, development of insight and self-awareness. In the right environment we can connect with each other to discover our unique potential to flourish and experience transformation.

I have the gift of being able to intuitively sense the space and pace my clients require to lean into their challenges during of our coaching sessions, to reconnect with themselves, and I can hold space for openness and challenge. I am able to see the potential that my clients have to satisfy their yearning and I help them see it for themselves. They discover pathways that they could not see before and the impossible becomes possible.

I have held space for my clients to make positive lifestyle changes, career moves, deepen their understanding of themselves and break free of repeated pattens of destructive behaviour.

I would love to hold space for you to explore your needs and create the solutions that feel right for you. I understand how overwhelming it can feel to think about personal and professional change after racing along with day to day life for so long. I am the person that can walk alongside you as you take the steps to live the life that is aligned with your values, reclaiming your freedom to be you.

Your Coaching Journey

1 month


2 x 90-minute session

Two sessions where we will get clarity on where you are and where we can get to together.

2 months


4 x 90-minute sessions

Through a series of sessions, you will experience shifts in perspective that open your eyes to opportunities previously limited by your beliefs.

4 months


8 x 90-minute sessions  + 1 extra 90- minute session

A deep and transformative journey that will refocus your self-awareness and transform conflict into harmony in a way that is unique to you.