I am speaking to you if you are…

  • Ready to redefine success for yourself
  • Ready to stop over giving and under receiving
  • Ready give things a go in your own way
  • Ready to radically express yourself

Your insights will help you…

  • Gain clarity about your needs and set your intentions
  • Experience powerful shifts in perspective
  • Transform from overwhelmed to empowered
  • Integrate your body, heart and mind so that you are able to show up fully in all situations and embrace possibility

You will experience…

  • Financial success by your own definition
  • Professional fulfilment as a result of daring to break the mould
  • A healthy, loving, deep connection with yourself so that you are able to align your choices with your true desire.
  • Meaningful and harmonious relationships with others both personally and professionally so that you continue to grow and inspire others to do the same.

Your Coaching Journey

1 month



2 x 90-minute sessions

You will understand your current position, how you got there, where you want to get to and what you need to address to achieve your own set goal.


2 months


Inner Peace

4 x 90-minute sessions

Through exploring your beliefs, conflicts and values and how these impact your behaviour and decisions you will be able to identify pathways and factors that are integral to the change you want to make and feel confident in taking the steps towards that change.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and fearful you will feel empowered and confident as you take the steps into the life that you truly desire.

You will experience shifts in perspective that open your eyes to opportunities previously limited by your beliefs.

4 months


Deep Transformation

8 x 90-minute sessions plus one extra 90 minute session

Your self-awareness and insights will transform conflict to harmony in a way that is unique to you.

Connecting with your authentic self you will be able to form meaningful relationships and make personal and professional decisions that are aligned with your purpose.